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Station de vélo en libre service


Street Automation

Let us design and produce your bike share station.

Thanks to our experience with a major mobility partner, Noval has decided to make available to you our know-how in the world of self-service bicycle stations.

This solution can be equipped with a control column with a 10.4" LCD screen, an RFID reader for subscription cards and also a GSM modem allowing the communication of the status of the park to the management center.

The solution takes into account your needs for adaptation to road constraints, anti-vandalism system with individual bike locking.


SMART BIKE Colonne station vélo libre service




  • Light infrastructure
  • Economic system
  • Ergonomic and easy to use


  • Variations in different RAL colors
  • Vandal-resistant touchscreen
  • Bank terminal integration
  • 4G Router
  • Secured hatch for power supply
  • Global presence
  • Efficient solution
  • Easy to install