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2m² Scroller Solution

2m² Scroller Solution

Street Automation

Our 2m² scroller cassettes incorporate Brushless technology. With an exceptionally long life and reliability, they are quick to install and are very intuitive to use.


NOVAL's 2m² scroller cassettes are quick and easy to install thanks to four fixing screws. This solution is compatible with all lighting solutions.

Display operations are simplified by the use of a membrane keyboard directly accessible on the cassettes.

This product can be totally or partially powered by a solar panel.


Vertical scrolling cassette :

The most popular format, this cassette is available in single or double sided.

It can be integrated into a wide variety of independent advertising boxes or incorporated into a shelter.


Horizontal cassette with vertical scrolling :

This scroller allows the presentation of posters in landscape format. It is available in single or double sided.

Vertical cassette with horizontal scrolling :

his type of cassette is particularly suitable for large poster campaigns, where the posters are changed by directly replacing one of the two removable rolls.

Single-sided cassette with a highly reflective mirror background that optimizes the brightness of the poster.

A static version in the same format is available. 


  • Lighting: fluorescent tube, LED tube, LED strip, Edgelight
  • Radio or GPS synchronization
  • GSM Télésurveillance
  • Permanent solar power supply or street lighting



  • Stickerless operation (no marking on posters)
  • Numerous variations and modular plug & play options available
  • Very low power consumption of the unwinder
  • Compatible with total or partial solar power supply


  • Brushless technology motor
  • Dedicated electronics
  • Capacity of 6 posters depending on available space
  • Temperature range from -20°C to +70°C without preventive maintenance
  • Battery version for connection to street lighting
  • Efficient solution
  • Easy to install
  • Custom-built solution