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8m² Scroller Solution

8m² Scroller Solution

Street Automation

Our 8m² scroller cassettes incorporate Brushless technology which guarantees a very high reliability and a low consumption allowing a solar power supply.


This solution is equipped with a brushless motor offering both high reliability and very low power consumption. 

Display operations are simplified by the use of a remote control to be connected to the panel. The modification of these parameters can also be made directly on the controller integrated in the frame or remotely via an optional GSM modem.














  • Lighting: fluorescent tube, LED tube
  • GSM Télésurveillance
  • Permanent solar power supply or street lighting





8m² Double-sided poster scrollers with trapdoor, Milan 8m² Scroller wall mounted, Beirut



  • Numerous variations and modular plug & play options available
  • Pre-assembled and pre-wired system
  • Compatible with total or partial solar power supply
  • Battery version for connection to street lighting
  • Version for panels with display hatch


  • Brushless technology motor
  • Dedicated electronics
  • Capacity of 6 posters per unwinder depending on available space
  • Temperature range from -20°C to +70°C without preventive maintenance
  • Low consumption
  • Global presence
  • Single or double sided