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Street Automation

Active in the development of innovative character products, NOVAL has developed within its STREET AUTOMATION department a complete range of solutions in the fields of outdoor advertising and street furniture.

Thanks to a unique know-how in mechatronic design and the use of advanced technologies, NOVAL's products benefit from unprecedented qualities. Very low power consumption, intelligent control, increased performance, excellent reliability and extended durability.

STREET AUTOMATION offers high quality rolling mechanisms integrating a Brushless motorization, LED lighting and backlighting solutions and optimized solar kits allowing the power supply of a wide variety of outdoor devices.

These systems improve the profitability of advertising sites by enhancing their visibility and attractiveness, the comfort of transport users or the installation of stand-alone street furniture equipment without connection to the power grid.

Moreover, with its high-performance and responsive mechanical and electronic design offices, as well as an electronic subcontracting subsidiary, we can meet your specific requirement

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