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Product Description
Solar kits
Solar kits
Kits solaires panneaux flexibles

Solar kits

NOVAL offers a line of solar kits in the form of assemblies comprising all components necessary for the production, storage and management of solar energy. Different variations in panel technology and power levels allow total adaptation to the context of integration.

  • Panel technologies amorphous, CIGS and monocrystalline rigid or flexible.
  • Kit composition adaptable to integration context.
  • Power ratings 68W for amorphous panels, 90W and 130W for CIGS and rigid monocristalline. Other ratings available by request.  
  • Coupling of several panels possible.
  • Maintenance-free lead AGM batteries.
  • Battery life 3 to 4 years.
  • Lighting controlled by self-adjusting charge regulator unit.
  • Kit elements available for purchase in assembly or individually.

Kit solaire

NOVAL solar kits allow the powering of urban furniture and display advertizing equipment independently of the public power grid.  They are also used to power nomadic devices and can be redeployed freely, requiring no public installation work.


NOVAL solar kits are composed of one or several panels, a battery pack and a charge regulator unit incorporating lighting control functions.  The regulator unit is self-adjusting, detecting dusk and dawn to optimize the use of battery charge.


Solar kits are furnished with a lighting system based on LED tubes or high-luminosity LED sticks, providing superior comfort for passengers while consuming significantly less power than traditional fluorescent tubes.



An optional presence detector can be added to gradually modulate lighting intensity in order to reduce energy consumption in the absence of users.  


Lighting phases are automatically adjusted according to seasonal sunlight durations.  No human intervention is needed.  The AGM batteries as well require no maintenance.

Panel technologies :


Flexible panels :

Used to power lighting in a bus shelter or a poster scroller, the flexible panels offer the advantage of performing very well in cases of weak sunlight levels or indirect light.  Not needing to be inclined or oriented, they can therefore be installed directly on a horizontal surface and will conform to its contour.  Flexible panels can be fastened by screws or rivets or can be glued directly to avoid any need of drilling.

Kit solaire amorphes

Amorphous panels :

This solution makes up for its modest output level by an unequaled flexibility and excellent performance in cases of weak sunlight or indirect light. They can be directly glued to surfaces even with sharp bends and contours. Amorphous panels are often grouped together wherever sufficient surface area is available.

Kit solaire monocristallin flexible

Flexible monocrystalline panels :

Lying between rigid panels and amorphous panels in terms of flexibility, flexible monocrystalline panels represent today the ideal solution for the deployment of photovoltaic panels.  They combine the advantages of the other two types of panels: high output and excellent performance in cases of low sunlight levels.  They also retain enough flexibility to be installed onto curved surfaces.

Kit solaire CIGS

CIGS panels :

Promising technology with great potential, CIGS offers significant efficiency and high flexibility. It represents an alternative to flexible monocrystalline panels.


Rigid panels :

Kit solaire monocristallin

Monocrystalline panels :

Providing at present the highest output, silicium monocrystalline technology entails a high level of sun exposure. Rigid panels are often integrated into a chassis structure.  Their proper inclination in relation to the sun can increase energy capture.

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