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Solar applications

NOVAL offers solar applications for urban furniture equipment and advertizing displays.  They allow the installation of equipment independently of the power grid.  

NOVAL’s solar solutions are used to power LED lighting tubes for courtesy lighting in public bus shelters, and to power scrolling panels unconnected to the power grid.  

Powering by photovoltaic panels allows a great reduction in installation costs relative to connection to the electrical system, a lowering of operational energy costs, and also savings in terms of CO2 emissions.

Thanks to our great expertise in autonomous energy management, NOVAL can also create specific solar energy solutions for a wide variety of devices.  

We are able to conduct preliminary studies from a distance using geographical sunlight data and also directly onsite in order to provide you with an optimized solution adapted to environmental parameters and the equipment to be powered.  

NOVAL solar solutions are available at different levels of integration in the form of monoblock assemblies ready to install or as kits made up of personalized components.  All elements integrated in our solutions are also sold separately.