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Poster scrollers

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NOVAL possesses unique expertise in the field of advertizing scroller systems and counts today over 19,000 motors installed worldwide.

Our scroller panels offer greater attractiveness and allow leasing a single advertizing space to several advertisers simultaneously. In this way scrollers increase the profitability of advertizing displays.

NOVAL poster scrollers are available at different levels of integration in kits in the form of an assembly of components or as cassettes, in the form of a structural frame integrating an LED or fluorescent tube lighting system.

NOVAL also makes a patented motor system providing exceptional dependability and durability. This Brushless motor system requires no maintenance and therefore saves considerable cost across an entire network of scrolling displays. The system also consumes less power than traditional motors.

Our poster scrollers are integrated with an electronic motherboard specifically developed for reliability and endurance to meet the demands of permanent 24/7 operation.

NOVAL cassettes and kits are designed for a wide adaptability, installing quickly and easily into a great variety of display housings.