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Product Description
LED Tubes for courtesy lighting
LED Tubes for courtesy lighting
Eclairage de courtoisie

LED Tubes for courtesy lighting

NOVAL offers courtesy lighting solutions in the form of LED tubes.  They are particularly adapted to public bus shelters to provide a superior comfort to passengers.  Their small power consumption allows powering by solar panel as well as by the public power grid.

  • High luminosity.
  • Contributes to passenger comfort.
  • Small power consumption.
  • 10 year lifespan.
  • Different sizes and power ratings available.
  • Compatible with power by solar panels.
Tubes LED pour éclairage de courtoisie

NOVAL’s LED tubes are presented as privileged lighting solutions for bus shelters.  They install quickly and provide a long lifespan, lasting on average five times as long as traditional fluorescent tubes.   


Their small power consumption allows energy savings while providing greater lighting intensity than fluorescent tubes.


NOVAL’s courtesy lighting systems are also compatible with autonomous powering by solar power and battery.  In this configuration, an optional presence detector can be added to gradually modulate lighting intensity in order to reduce energy consumption in the absence of users.  


NOVAL LED tubes are available in three standard dimensions: a 60cm 7W tube, an 80cm 10W tube and a 120cm 14W tube.

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