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Product Description
Charge regulator box
Charge regulator box
Régulateur de charge

Charge regulator box

NOVAL’s charge regulator unit manages energy produced by solar panels on bus shelters and advertizing displays. Energy stored in the battery is supplied to the lighting system or scroller in an autonomous and adaptive manner.

  • Regulates battery charge.
  • Automatic power cut in case of extreme low battery charge.
  • Self-adjusting lighting control accoording to sunlight hours.
  • Compatible with presence detectors.
  • Reprogrammable according to demands of installation context.
  • Data recording.
Boîtier régulateur de charge

The NOVAL charge regulator box centralizes all functions of energy management in solar panel energy production and supply.

With its dusk light detection function, it guarantees optimal control of lighting functions in a bus shelter and/or power supply for one or several display devices.


Self-adjusting operation insures an automatic adaption of lighting cycles to seasonal lighting and length of day.   This system offers total efficiency and requires no manual adjustment.


It is possible to set, directly on the regulator box, a nocturnal cycle in which lighting is automatically cut to comply with any local energy use regulations.


Boîtier régulateur de charge, Détecteur de présence

An optional presence detector can be connected in order to reduce courtesy lighting in the absence of passengers.


NOVAL’s charge regulator unit can be reprogrammed in our factory according to your specific needs or the requirements of the device’s installation context.  Function data are stored and can be extracted by USB connection.


This unit is available alone or integrated into our solar kits.

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