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Product Description
8m² Scroller cassette
8m² Scroller cassette
Cassette 8m²

8m² Scroller cassette

Our 8m² poster scroller is equipped with Brushless motorization guaranteeing a very high reliability and a small power consumption allowing powering by solar energy.

  • Brushless motor technology.
  • Dedicated electronics.
  • 8 poster capacity depending on available space.
  • Version available for panels with trapdoor poster access.
  • Various plug & play options available.
  • Pre-assembled, pre-wired system.
  • Quick and simple installation in most display housings.
  • Very small scroller electrical consumption.
  • Compatible with full or partial solar power supply.
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to +70°C without preventative maintenance.
  • Battery version for connection to public lighting grid.
Cassette déroulante 8m² Tubes
Installation rapide Interface intuitive Faible consommation Moteur technologie Brushless
Quick installation Intuitive interface Low consumption
22 W.h/h
Brushless motor


This system uses Brushless motorization offering great reliability and low power consumption. Because of the low power consumption, an optional solar power kit allows the system to operate autonomously in areas without or awaiting connection to the local power grid.


This device uses an optimized lighting system based on either fluorescent tubes or LED lighting sticks, insuring homogenous poster lighting and optimal visibility and legibility of the display panel.


Display functions are simplified by a remote control. Display parameters can also be modified directly by the controller integrated into the frame, or by distance via an optional GSM modem.


Example of integrations:

Dérouleur d'affiches 8m² ClearChannel, Milan Dérouleur d'affiches 8m² Pikasso, Beyrouth
8m² poster scroller, double face with trapdoor poster access, Milan 8m² wall poster scroller, Beyrouth

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