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Product Description
8m² Poster scroller kit
8m² Poster scroller kit
Kit 8m²

8m² Poster scroller kit

Our 8m² poster scroller kit is a complete drive system allowing retrofitting of scroller panels and the replacement of older motors by highly reliable and low-consumption Brushless motors.

  • Brushless motor technolgy.
  • Dedicated electronics.
  • 6 poster capacity per scroller depending on available space.
  • Various plug & play options available.
  • Compatible with most existing display boxes.
  • Very small electrical consumption.
  • Compatible with full or partial solar power supply.
  • Packaging optimized for delivery over long distances.
Kit déroulant 8m²
Installation rapide Interface intuitive Faible consommation Moteur technologie Brushless
Quick installation Intuitive interface  Low consuption
22 W.h/h
Brushless Motor


NOVAL’s 8m² scroller kit uses low power consumption Brushless motors.


This system, designed for manufacturers wishing to integrate a recognized technology, is offered at different levels of integration. The kit can be integrated into new display equipment or retrofitted into existing boxes equipped with older motors requiring greater maintenance and energy costs.


The kit is operated intuitively via remote control which simplifies display options settings. A built-in touchpad controller also allows scroller parameter modification without the need of any other interface.


The kit’s low power consumption makes it compatible with solar energy power supply.

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