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Product Description
2m² Scroller cassette
2m² Scroller cassette
Cassette 2m²

2m² Scroller cassette

Our 2m² scroller cassettes use Brushless technology as well as NOVAL’s "Smart motion & control" module. Boasting an exceptional reliability and lifespan, they install quickly and provide intuitive user control.

  • Brushless motor technolgy.
  • Stickerless function (without poster markings).
  • Dedicated electronics.
  • 8 poster capacity depending on available space.
  • Various plug & play options available.
  • Delivered assembled and ready to install.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Very slight scroller electrical consumption.
  • Compatible with full or partial solar power supply.
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to +70°C without preventative maintenance.
  • Battery version for connection to public lighting grid.
Cassette déroulante 2m² LED
Installation rapide Interface intuitive Faible consommation Moteur technologie Brushless
Quick installation Intuitive interface

Low consumption
17 W.h/h

Brushless motor


NOVAL’s 2m² scroller cassettes install quickly and simply with four fastening screws. Delivered assembled and ready to install, they have an integrated backlighting system using either fluorescent tubes or LEDs.


Display operation is simplified by use of a keypad directly accessible on the cassette.


Display parameters can be modified simply, directly on the integrated controller or remotely via an optional GSM modem.


This product can be partially or totally powered by solar panel.


Different versions :

Dérouleur d'affiche 2m² verticale défilement vertical

 Vertical cassette with vertical scrolling :

The most widely used format, this cassette available either single- or double-sided is offered with lighting by either tube or LED and can be powered by a photovoltaic panel. The battery version allows powering via public lighting grid.

This cassette can be integrated into a wide variety of independent advertising display housings or incorporated into a bus shelter.

Dérouleur d'affiche 2m² horizontale défilement vertical

Horizontal cassette with vertical scrolling

This scroller allows the display of posters in landscape orientation and offers a differentiation in presentation while retaining full integratability.

This solution is available in single- or double-sided, with LED lighting, battery and solar power.

Dérouleur d'affiche 2m² verticale défilement horizontal

Vertical cassette with horizontal scrolling :

This type of cassette, designed to change posters by replacing directly one of the two movable rollers, allows a significant optimization of large scale display operations.

This single-sided system is equipped with a high-reflective background mirror which optimizes poster luminosity. A static version is also available in the same format.


Examples of integrations :

Dérouleur d'affiches 2m² ClearChannel, Station de bus, Istanbul Dérouleur d'affiches 2m² Cité Concept, Dérouleur solaire, Toulouse
2m² scroller cassette, double sided, Bus station, Istanbul Solar 2m² scroller cassette, double sided, Toulouse
Dérouleur d'affiches 2m² Médiakiosk, Dérouleur pour kiosque, Paris Dérouleur d'affiches 2m² ClearChannel, Milan
Vertical cassette for newsstand, Paris 2m² scroller cassette, double sided, Milan

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