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Product Description
2m² Poster scroller kit
2m² Poster scroller kit
Kit 2m²

2m² Poster scroller kit

Our 2m² poster scroller kit delivered as an assembly of components is optimized for delivery over long distances.  The kit integrates into a great variety of display housings.

  • Brushless motor technolgy.
  • Dedicated electronics.
  • 8 poster capacity per scroller depending on available space.
  • Various plug & play options available.
  • Compatible with most existing display boxes.
  • Very small electrical consumption.
  • Compatible with full or partial solar power supply.
  • Packaging optimized for delivery over long distances.
Kit déroulant 2m²
Installation rapide Interface intuitive Faible consommation Moteur technologie Brushless
Quick installation Intuitive interface Low consumption 17 W.h/h Brushless motor


NOVAL’s 2m² poster scroller kit uses Brushless motor technology, insuring an exceptional reliability and lifespan and offering maximum adaptability.


Our kits can be retrofitted to existing networks and can be used in converting static displays into scrolling displays, even in cramped display enclosures.


Equipped with an intuitive, accessible interface as well as a remote control, NOVAL’s scroller kit allows the programming of display functions and the modification of parameters without the need of any additional interface.


Our scroller kit also includes top and bottom poster leaders, a poster guide with sensor, scroller supports and the different cables necessary for scroller function.


Simple to install, the kit is immediately ready for use once placed in its box and connected to the power source.

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