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Street Automation

Active in the creation of a wide range of innovative products, NOVAL has developed a STREET AUTOMATION division offering a complete line of solutions in the domain of outdoor advertizing and urban furniture.

Relying upon our unique know-how and capabilities in the field of mechatronics, as well as our use of advanced technologies, NOVAL products offer unprecedented advantages including minimal electrical consumption, smart controls, highly advanced performance, excellent reliability and greater durability.


NOVAL offers high quality scrolling mechanisms using brushless motors, LED lighting and retro lighting solutions and optimized solar kits which power a variety of outdoor public devices.

Our advertizing technologies allow greater profitability in advertizing locations by increasing visibility and attractiveness, while our urban furniture solutions provide for the comfort of public transport users and allow autonomy for those installations unconnected to the public power grid.

In addition to our range of standard products, NOVAL creates custom solutions for all sorts of specific needs, relying upon our mechanic and electronic design offices’ creativity and expertise in mechatronics as well as our affiliate in electronics.